Japan gets awesome new Super Smash Bros TV spot

Nintendo just aired a new TV spot in Japan for Super Smash Bros in order to showcase the new DLC and characters. The 30-second spot looks way better than the stuff we usually get over here in North America, and showcases Ryu and the new characters dealing out some serious damage to their opponents.

Nintendo released the new Super Smash Bros DLC last week, which includes several new characters, stages, and more. Here’s the complete lineup of the new DLC:

  • Ryu + Suzaku Castle stage ($6)
  • Roy ($4)
  • Lucas ($4)
  • Dreamland stage ($2)
  • New Mii Fighter costumes, set of 8 ($6 for the pack, $0.75 individually)

A lot of Wii U players have complained that the DLC is somewhat pricey compared to Mario Kart 8 DLC, and rightfully so.

Have you purchased any of the new Super Smash Bros DLC? Is it worth the money? Let us know in the comments section.