Itagaki releases 10-minute video on why you should buy Devil’s Third

Devil’s Third has been universally panned as an awful game, one of the worst released on the Wii U. And despite Nintendo not really wanting to release it in the United States, fans pressured the publisher to bring the Wii U action game stateside. So they have.

The game launches on December 11th in North America, and to hype it up a bit, because that’s exactly what the game needs right now, Devil’s Third producer Tomonobu Itagaki released a 10 minute video pitching the game, talking about its origins, what inspired him to make it, etc.

It’s an interesting watch of you’re planning to buy Devil’s Third. If you’re not planning to buy it, this video will not convince you to bring out your wallet.

The game is pretty awful, but Itagaki-san does appear very humble in the video, especially when he addresses the fans, thanking them for waiting for many years for Devil’s Third.

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