Is the new Nintendo 3DS the start of region-free gaming for Nintendo? [RUMOR]


One of the biggest pet peeves for many Nintendo fans is the fact that both the Wii U and the Nintendo 3DS are region-locked, meaning gamers are unable to import games that are not released in their region. This makes for a difficult experience for many gamers, including those who live outside of regions were Nintendo traditionally operates. Last year a huge initiative to get Nintendo to consider unlocking their consoles sprung up after both Microsoft and Sony announced that the new Xbox One and PlayStation 4 would not be region-locked.

So what’s making Nintendo reconsider? According to a rumor from Tilmen of NintenDomination, the new Nintendo 3DS could potentially mark the start of region-free gaming for Nintendo. The rumor also states that big changes are incoming for Nintendo Network ID, which could mean fully unified accounts with games that are tied to the account instead of the console.

Either way, since this is a rumor you should treat it as such until we get more conformation from Nintendo themselves.