Is That Amazon Offer A Good Deal?

It’s not always easy to determine if something is a good deal. We can base an “offer” on what we think the product or service is worth, but how about historically speaking? Is it currently priced higher than normal? Should I wait for the price to come down? Is it at an all-time low and I should just snag it while I can? Now you can know for sure.

On the Chrome Web Store there’s an extension called The Tracktor  – Amazon Price Tracker that actually records historical prices and, whenever you’re on an Amazon product page, it shows a graph with historical new and used prices so you can make a determination as to whether or not you’re getting a good deal. Of course this is a relative analysis: if someone had been selling fingernail clippings for $100 and now they’re only $10, you’re still getting the short end of the stick.

Either way, frequent Amazon shoppers might find this as a useful tool when plotting the prime buying times. Oh… and you deal seekers will also want to check out the InvisibleHand Chrome Extension.