Introducing the GameFans website!

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A few weeks ago I posted on Wii U Daily to let you guys know we’re working on a brand new app that covers more than just Nintendo news. You can now download the GameFans Android App from the Google Play Store and today, I’m happy to announce that we’ve got an official companion website as well:!

What is GameFans?

GameFans is more than just game news and reviews- it’s a hub for everything in the gaming culture. We’ve built a great community around our Daily sites – with WiiUDaily, PS4Daily, and XboxOneDaily – but at times this can be extremely limiting. GameFans allows us to branch out and cover ALL aspects of gaming while still allowing fans of Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony  to religiously follow their favorite topics.

How does the site work?

YOU decide what the day’s top news is with GameFans. You’ll find 3 main areas of the site:

  • Featured highlights articles by GameFans staff, trending news, and recent conversations
  • News displays and summarizes the most recent news from the gaming world
  • Lounge is your area to post and discuss anything your game-loving heart desires

All news items are tagged (you can tag your lounge topics as well), so to follow news and discussion for a specific console, game, platform, or topic, simply click on the tag and you’ll have a curated list with exactly what you want to see.

We know you like sharing your opinions, and your voice counts, so we made sure to offer two very important inclusions:

  • Commenting – not only can you comment on news articles and upvote comments, but you can also create your own complete conversations in the lounge. At times, we may take your lounge submissions and promote them to news articles if they’re good enough!
  • Upvoting – You’ll can influence what’s shown on the GameFans homepage (and in the app) with your votes. Those of you in the comments who have said “This isn’t news!” now have a vote. If you don’t like what you see on the main page, you can downvote it to try and bury it or upvote it to promote it to the front.

This means all the trending news you see on the main GameFans site is put in place by readers like you! The trending news section updates frequently and as new posts rise to the top, older posts are retired.

Great! How do I vote?

Becoming an influencer on GameFans is as simple as downloading the app. If you’re unfamiliar with our app, it works very much like reddit with an added twist. Early bird influencers will get to vote on the articles that are fresh as they pop-up. These early votes are key to influencing how well the article does, so those who see the news when its fresh have the most impact.

So wait, you’re not doing featured reviews and other pieces anymore?!

We definitely are! We’re just streamlining our efforts to offer our readers and communities the best of gaming in one convenient place, while still giving you unparalleled “daily” access to your favorite topics. We’ll let you know the best way to power level in Pokemon Go, how to make sure your colony in Rimworld survives that big raider invasion, and we’ll even introduce you to some games you’ve probably never seen before.

That’s the beauty of GameFans. It brings gamers together under one banner so you have a quick look at everything that’s going on in the world of gaming right at your fingertips. Because let’s face it: real Game Fans aren’t 100% devoted to one thing… it’s all about the love of the game. And all sorts of them.