Injustice: Gods Among Us for Wii U contest winner


As you know, after our review of Injustice: Gods Among Us went live on Friday, we offered a contest for you guys to win my review copy. We asked that each of you name a superhero or villain from the game that best fit your personality or play style and we got nearly 300 comments letting us know what you guys thought of the various heroes and villains in the game. I’m happy to announce that our winner of the contest is Christian Boyd, who left this comment about Deathstroke:

Deathstroke, I like him because he uses guns and other man made weapons, with the instincts of a soldier. Like me in battlefield, We both like the color black and a fashionable bright color to mix. He’s not really evil but just doing his job. He’s a hard working business man. He’s the ultimate rival to Batman. He’s also like Big Boss(Snake from Metal Gear) in super villain form. Also love his bad ass name, describes him perfectly. He’s a true soldier, I’m good in battlefield but hes good in real life. either way, were both soldiers right?

Christian’s comment was pulled randomly from all eligible comments on the site, Facebook and Twitter. You all had great reasons for why you chose your heroes or villains and we’re happy at the amount of participation we’ve been receiving in the past two contests. Expect more like this on the way from us to reward our loyal readers.