10 Best Things to Do in Illinois

Beneath the wide and wistful skies of the Midwest, Illinois springs forth like a riveting novel penned by Time itself. A tale spun from the threads of pioneering spirit, cultural richness, and enchanting natural beauty. From the glinting skyscrapers of Chicago to the rural splendor of its countryside, from the time-honored traditions of its diverse communities to the innovative drive pulsing in its cities, Illinois is a symphony composed of a thousand different notes, each one beckoning you to listen, to explore, and to discover.

The Illinois Bucket List

1. Soar High Above Chicago at the Willis Tower Skydeck:

See the world from a new perspective at the Willis Tower Skydeck. Standing on the glass balcony of this colossal skyscraper, you’ll be gifted with breathtaking views of Chicago’s radiant skyline, Lake Michigan’s endless blue, and a horizon that stretches to the edges of your imagination.

2. Walk Through History at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum:

Journey back in time at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum, where the life and legacy of the United States’ 16th President unfold in a compelling blend of high-tech exhibits, immersive displays, and precious artifacts.

3. Experience Nature’s Grandeur at Starved Rock State Park:

Get lost and found again in the stunning wilderness of Starved Rock State Park. Here, trails twist and turn through moss-draped canyons, and waterfalls roar to life, creating a symphony of sights and sounds that echo the heartbeat of the Illinois landscape.

4. Explore the Fascinating World of Science at the Museum of Science and Industry:

Unleash your inner scientist at the Museum of Science and Industry, where the mysteries of the universe unravel in a series of awe-inspiring exhibits. This isn’t just a museum—it’s an epic adventure into the realms of human ingenuity and the wonders of the natural world.

5. Ride the Historic Great River Road:

Embark on a road trip of a lifetime along the historic Great River Road. Tracing the mighty Mississippi, this scenic byway weaves a path through charming river towns, verdant farmland, and past iconic landmarks, delivering you to the very heart of the Prairie State.

6. Delight in the Magic of the Anderson Japanese Gardens:

Find a moment of peace in the Anderson Japanese Gardens, where nature and artistry intertwine. This serene sanctuary is a living poem, where every rock, plant, and water feature is a verse that invites reflection and harmony.

7. Indulge Your Taste Buds on the Illinois BBQ Trail:

Embark on a delicious journey along the Illinois BBQ Trail. This mouthwatering road trip is a feast for the senses, delivering a delectable slice of Illinois’ culinary culture straight to your plate.

8. Visit the Historic Cahokia Mounds:

Step into the footprints of an ancient civilization at the Cahokia Mounds, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Once a thriving city of the Mississippian culture, these earthen mounds stand as silent storytellers, whispering tales of a time long past.

9. Discover the Beauty of the Chicago Botanic Garden:

Escape to the lush tranquility of the Chicago Botanic Garden. Here, nature paints a masterpiece with a palette of vibrant blooms, tranquil waters, and emerald green, crafting a verdant oasis amidst the urban hustle and bustle.

10. Journey Down the Illinois Wine Trail:

Sip your way along the Illinois Wine Trail, where the state’s finest vineyards unfurl under the Midwest sun. Each glass offers a unique blend of local flavor and tradition, creating an immersive tasting experience you won’t soon forget.

In the end, Illinois is more than a destination. It’s a journey that takes you through towering cities, across rolling farmlands, and into the very heart of the American spirit. It’s a land where history whispers from every corner, innovation pulses in its cities, and the spirit of discovery fuels every adventure. So, are you ready to turn the page and begin your Illinois story? As the sun sets over the sweeping Illinois landscape, painting the sky with hues of hope and dreams, remember – the Prairie State is waiting to welcome you with open arms.