10 Best Things to Do in Idaho

Welcome to Idaho, the Gem State, where Mother Nature’s canvas unfolds in hues of emerald forests, sapphire lakes, and diamond-dusted mountaintops. Here, where the mountains meet the heavens and rivers carve their paths, Idaho’s spirit stands unbridled and unbroken. From the whispering pines in the north to the windswept plains in the south, every corner of this state is a verse in a song written by the earth itself. It’s a song that invites you to dance, to discover, and to delve into Idaho’s treasure trove of wonders.

The Idaho Bucket List

1. Roam the Rugged Beauty of the Sawtooth National Recreation Area:

Venture into the heart of Idaho’s wilderness where nature’s artwork is on grand display. With over 700 miles of trails, crystal-clear alpine lakes, and majestic peaks, the Sawtooth National Recreation Area is an outdoor paradise waiting to be explored.

2. Delve into History at the Old Idaho Penitentiary:

Step into the darker side of Idaho’s past at the Old Idaho Penitentiary. With its eerie cell blocks and intriguing stories, this historical landmark offers a fascinating glimpse into life behind bars in the late 19th century.

3. Experience Shoshone Falls: The ‘Niagara of the West’:

Be awestruck by the mighty Shoshone Falls, higher than the famed Niagara. This natural spectacle’s thunderous roar and mesmerizing beauty stand as a testament to the raw power and unparalleled splendor of Idaho’s landscapes.

4. Navigate the Mesmerizing Landscape of Craters of the Moon National Monument:

Walk on a different planet without leaving Earth at Craters of the Moon National Monument. Its eerie lava fields, cinder cones, and moon-like landscapes offer a surreal and unforgettable adventure.

5. Visit the Iconic Cataldo Mission:

Experience a slice of history at the Old Mission State Park, home to the oldest building in Idaho, the Cataldo Mission. This sacred site beautifully showcases the meeting of Native American and European cultures.

6. Ride the Route of the Hiawatha:

Cycle through tunnels and across sky-high trestles on the Route of the Hiawatha. This scenic mountain bike trail promises an exhilarating ride through the beautiful landscapes of the Bitterroot Mountains.

7. Explore the Mysteries of the Universe at the Bruneau Dunes Observatory:

Gaze at the cosmos from the Bruneau Dunes State Park. With the tallest single-structured sand dune in North America and a public observatory, it’s a must-visit for both sand-boarders and stargazers.

8. Discover Boise’s Vibrant Basque Block:

Immerse yourself in the vibrant culture, delicious cuisine, and rich history of Boise’s Basque Block. This little corner of the city beautifully preserves the heritage of Idaho’s sizable Basque community.

9. Soak in the Kirkham Hot Springs:

Unwind in nature’s spa at the Kirkham Hot Springs. Let the steaming, mineral-rich water soothe your senses as you bask in the beauty of the surrounding national forest.

10. Witness the Spectacle of the Sandhill Crane Migration:

Stand witness to one of nature’s great spectacles at Camas National Wildlife Refuge, where thousands of sandhill cranes gather during their spring and fall migrations. Their haunting calls and synchronized dance make this a sight to behold.

And so, we bring our journey across the Gem State to an end. Or, should we say, the beginning of yours. Idaho isn’t just a destination; it’s a call to adventure that resounds from its river-carved canyons to its star-dusted skies. As the sun sets on our journey and casts its golden glow on the Sawtooths, remember – this isn’t a goodbye. It’s an invitation. So, lace up your boots, set your spirit free, and step into the Idahoan wilderness. Your Idaho story is waiting to be written.