Nintendo is porting Hyrule Warriors to the 3DS

One of the many surprises last year was Nintendo’s partnership with Koei Tecmo, which resulted in the Dynasty Warriors and The Legend of Zelda crossover, Hyrule Warriors. The game was well received and has sold over 1 million copies, but a leaked video on YouTube revealed that the game is now headed to Nintendo 3DS. The leaked video has since been made private on Nintendo’s YouTube channel, but you can check out a copy of it above.


It appears the Tetra and the King of Hyrule will be joining this new version of the game on the Nintendo 3DS. We don’t know if they’ll be making an appearance in the Wii U version, but it seems strange to update a new version and leave the old one out in the cold. A placeholder image also seems to show compatibility between the two titles, so it’s possible you may be able to import your progress and take it on the go. We won’t know more details about that until Nintendo’s E3 presentation. Did you enjoy Hyrule Warriors enough to purchase it again on 3DS? Did you skip it on Wii U and now you’ll pick it up on the 3DS?

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