Hyrule Warriors has sold 1 million units worldwide


Today Koei Tecmo released their financial report for the year of 2014, revealing that their partnership title with Nintendo, Hyrule Warriors, has sold more than 1 million units since it was released. Koei Tecmo is extremely pleased with the sales of the series and the financial report reveals that the DLC packs available for the game have been selling at a good pace.

Perhaps the biggest news from the financial report is that Koei Tecmo plans on revealing two new IPs, as well as another major collaboration this year. There’s no telling who the partner is for this collaboration, but given their history with Nintendo and their willingness to follow style guidelines set by Nintendo, it’s possible we could be seeing another cross-over game. It’s to early to tell at this point, as the financial statement says that the collaboration may not be announced until 2016.