Hyrule Warriors has shipped 1 million units worldwide


Koei Tecmo have a hit on their hands with Hyrule Warriors, as the company has announced that the game shipped one million units worldwide today. The unique blend of Dynasty Warriors gameplay with lore and characters from The Legend of Zelda has created a unique experience many have enjoyed. To celebrate, fans of the game can download exclusive Hyrule Warriors wallpapers here.

Hyrule Warriors is a continued example of how to do DLC right, with the next DLC pack featuring Tingle as a playable character due in February. Also included is a new adventure mode map, as well as costumes and items from Majora’s Mask to tie into the release of Majora’s Mask 3D on the Nintendo 3DS.

With the success of Hyrule Warriors, it’s likely Nintendo will be more open to crossovers in the game world.