Hyper Light Drifter might come to Switch

When Hyper Light Drifter was crowdfunded on Kickstarter back in 2013, one of the final stretch goals the developers added was a Wii U version. That version never came to be since Hyper Light Drifter released so late in the life cycle, they felt it wasn’t justified to attempt to create a port for a dying console.

Now fans of the game have asked whether or not there will be a Switch version of the game and they received a pretty heartening reply.

Looking into it is certainly good news and would go a long way to fulfilling what many feel like was a broken promise to Nintendo fans who backed the original Kickstarter for this game. Either way, we’re happy to see more games like this possibly coming to Switch. I have a strong belief that it will replace the PS Vita as the favorite indie machine as third-party developers seem slow in offering their support.

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