Hulu Plus now supports Chromecast!


We have been enjoying YouTube and Netflix on our Chromecast devices, but the equation wouldn’t be right without Hulu Plus. Chromecast owners rejoice, Hulu Plus has just gotten support and your streaming trinity is now complete. The wait for Hulu Plus support is over!

The process would be as easy as we have grown used to. Just play your video, tap on the Cast button and choose where you want the video to play. That simple!

It seems interesting that Hulu Plus is one of the very first to add support for Chromecast. Google TV users have been begging for support for a very long time and they still don’t have access to the media streaming service. Google TV fans have a reason to celebrate too, though. They are getting Hulu Plus, albeit indirectly, because Google TV is getting Cast as an added feature.

Ready to go stream?! Hulu Plus is now supported by Android smartphones and tablets, as well as iPads (iPhone support coming). Just get your app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store!