HP Chromebook 11 being pulled out of shelves everywhere!


There is something very strange going on at all retail and online stores right now. The HP Chromebook 11 is not really selling out, but all retailers are now saying it’s out of stock. The laptop is nowhere to be found and can’t be purchased – what could have caused this?

Best Buy sources state the device has been pulled out of the shelves and all sales have been halted. An internal memo has given the following instructions to all Best Buy stores:

“Stores should stop selling the HP Chromebook 11 effective immediately. Partner with Sales Support to pull the product off the sales floor to a secure location in the warehouse.”

The laptop is also missing from Amazon, HP and Google, so this problem should be bigger than Best Buy. We are not exactly sure what the issue may be – maybe a hardware problem of sorts? We do know the trackpad and performance were having some issues. We just have to wonder how big the problem is. It can’t be something small, considering the measures that have been taken.

We will keep an open eye on the matter and keep trying to find more answers. Stay tuned! How many of you have purchased an HP Chromebook 11? Have you found any major issues with it?

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