HP Chromebook 11 replacement chargers coming with a $25 Google Play gift card?


The HP Chromebook 11 charger recall has been annoying, to say the least. Users have had to find other (slow) chargers to juice up their laptops, and for a while we didn’t even know what was going on. Thankfully this is over and now you can get your replacements, but it seems Google and HP are throwing a little something extra for you!

According to Reddit user buggatti, Google is sending $25 Gogole Play Store gift cards to those who get a charger replaced. There aren’t many other reports, so we don’t know what the details are like, but some of you may be getting a little extra treat.

It’s only understandable, after all the inconveniences. We will let you know about this after we find out more details, but please do let us know if you get a free Google Play Store gift card withy our charger replacement!