HP Chromebook 11 charger RECALLED – owners get a new one


The HP Chromebook 11 was pulled out of shelves and current owners were advised not to use the charger the computer came with a bit over a month ago. No other news or details were given, though, and users didn’t know what exactly was going on until today. The HP Chromebook 11 stock charger has been officially recalled!

What was the problem?

The problem has been identified and it seems we were correct – it was all about the over-heating charger. Google received 9 reports of chargers over-heating and… melting. Reports of small personal burns and property damage were received, so this was really no small deal.

How will HP and Google fix this?

chromebook-11-charger-thumbIf you have been affected or own an HP Chromebook 11, you will get your charger replaced. In addition, all Chromebook 11 units will be shipped with the new charger (which we saw previously) from now on.

If this recall applies to your device, you can go ahead and contact Google to get a replacement. Google can be reached at (866) 628-1371 from 5 AM to 7 PM. You might also be able to take care of it through the retailer you purchased your laptop from, but it would be best to call and ask to find out.

So… melting chargers. Wow!

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