HP Chromebook 11 charger replacement shows up in Google Play Store


The HP Chromebook 11 is a very good-looking and affordable laptop, but it didn’t come without its faults. The device had a faulty charger, which was overheating and ceasing to work. The laptop was pulled out of the shelves and users were advised to use any other microUSB charger, but today a new Chromebook 11 has shown up at the Google Play Store!

hp-chromebook-11-3You might be able to go back to a stock charger very soon. The new charger is still labeled as “Coming soon”, but we do know the price will be $19.99. No other details are known just yet, but the charger does have very different aesthetic properties. It must be the new, improved one.

Those who already have an HP Chromebook 11 will probably get the charger replaced under warranty. We are not quite sure of the details yet, though. For now, just keep charging your computer with other microUSB chargers. Good thing they decided to go with a universal charging option. This would have been a mess if they had used a proprietary charger!

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