HP Chromebook 11 available from the Google Play Store again!


The HP Chromebook 11 hasn’t had a smooth ride. The Chrome OS laptop’s charger was recalled soon after the device was pulled from all stores. Current users are getting their replacement chargers and new customers will get the improved charger included.

HP’s laptop went back on sale on Amazon last month, but we hadn’t heard anything about Google Play Store availability until today. Canada was blessed with HP Chromebook 11 availability this morning, which led us to believe the US Google Play Store was next. Rejoice, the HP Chromebook 11 is now back in stock at the Google Play Store!

We have just discovered the device is back in stock and ready for shipping in 1-2 days. You get the usual $279 price point, so be sure to head over to the Google Play Store to purchase the Chromebook 11! Unless, of course, you prefer Amazon.

There is one little detail you should keep in mind. The HP Chromebook 11 is still not available in white/blue, so you might need to wait a bit more if that is the version you prefer.

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