How well does Rocket League run on Switch?

Rocket League has been a hit on the Switch — the game was the number one best selling game on the eShop a few weeks ago, selling more copies than heavy-hitters like Super Mario Odyssey.

Now the guys at Digital Foundry have taken a closer look at Rocket League and how well it runs on the Switch.

Overall, the game delivers on its promise of a steady 60 frames per second, but to do that, it had to take a little hit on the resolution side. However, the recent patch increased resolution — and it appears that the analysis was done before the most recent update.

The analysis also revealed that if two players are playing co-op, the frame rate drops to 45 fps.

Check out the full video above. If you still haven’t gotten Rocket League, you’re in luck: the game is on sale right now on the Switch eShop.