You can use your GameCube controller on Switch with this device

When Super Smash Bros. for Wii U came out, we posted about a GameCube controller adapter that would allow you to use your old GameCube controllers on the Wii U. It’s a super handy device called the Mayflash GameCube Adapter and features four ports for controllers. The best part? The most recent firmware update for Switch now supports this adapter.

The creator of this video notes that you’ll need to upgrade the firmware of your adapter using PC, Linux, or Mac before it’ll work with the Switch. Apparently the people who made this device released a firmware update to make it compatible with Pokken Tournament and the Pokken Tournament Pro Pad, which is what the controller emulates when using it on the Nintendo Switch.

The GameCube controller emulates a Pokken controller. That means that the D-pad and Analog Stick BOTH work as a D-pad. If a Switch game is playable with the D-pad, you can play it with a GameCube controller. BOTW is a no-go. The C-stick doesn’t work as a stick, instead left and right function as the + and – buttons.

For best results, plug the adapter into the Switch dock, then turn it on. Use the GameCube controller BEFORE using any Joy-con or Switch Pro Controller. You can navigate the Switch menu with the GameCube controller just fine.

If you want to pick up one of these to try and use it for Pokken Tournament or the unannounced but undoubtedly coming Super Smash Bros. Switch port, you can snag one on Amazon for only $18 bucks. Not bad for using controllers you already have laying around your house.

Mayflash GameCube Adapter – $17.99