How To: Change Nintendo Switch Controllers

We’ve received a few requests for some basic Nintendo Switch guides, so for the first guide in our ongoing series, we wanted to teach you how to switch (heh) controllers. Below, you’ll find a video tutorial as well as a written guide on how to change controller configurations or add controllers in general.


What you’ll need:

  • A Nintendo Switch
  • 1 or more Joy-Cons
  • An additional controller (optional)


  1. Navigate to “controllers” on the Switch’s home menu
  2. Select “Change Grip/Order”
  3. With your desired controller, press the “L” and “R” buttons.
  4. Back out of the menu when you’re finished.

Note: This is also useful if you want to change from using a single Joy-Con to the dual Joy-Con configuration.

If you guys have any other guides you’d like to see, let us know by replying to my comment below!