How to Speed up Chrome for Android (64-bit)

If you’ve got an Android phone with at least 8GB RAM and Chrome is your preferred web browser, good news: you can easily get an update that will load web pages 8.5% faster and scroll 28% smoother when browsing.

The update comes with the release of Chrome 89 as part of it’s 64-bit support. To check if if you’re already running the faster version of Chrome:

  • Open Chrome for Android on your phone
  • Type “chrome://version” into the Omnibar
  • Press enter

You should get a very developery screen that lists:

  • Google Chrome
  • Revision
  • OS
  • Google Play services
  • Javascript
  • User Agent
  • Command Line

You needn’t look far to get your answer: the “Google Chrome” section should clearly list whether you have the (32-bit) version or the (64-bit) version).

If you already have the 64-bit version, congrats! You’ve been enjoying a smoother experience already. Unfortunately there is nothing to improve.

If you’re still on the 32-bit version, follow these three steps to upgrade to Chrome 64-bit:

  1. Go to “System > Advanced > System Update” to make sure your phone is up to date with at least Android 10
  2. Go to “About Phone”, “Device Care”, or Google your phone’s specs to make sure you have at least 8GB of RAM
  3. Open “Chrome” in the Google Play Store and update to the latest version

Enjoy the faster browsing!