How to disable Chrome notifications [VIDEO]

Chrome notifications are very helpful but they can also get a little annoying. How many times have you been working on something and all of a sudden all these rich notifications keep distracting you? It happens to me often, so I am glad to see that Google has brought a solution to this problem.

We can already set notifications to “Do not disturb”, but if you want a more complex set of options you can now get it from Chrome Canary. The new notification center allows users to to select which chrome apps and extensions they would like to get notifications from.

chrome-notification-settingsIt is very simple. The settings present you with a list of your notification-enabled apps and one can simply click the checkbox right next to them to turn them on and off. Turn off your services of choice and you will no longer get those (sometimes) bothersome rich notifications.

I love rich notifications and would love to see these settings evolve further. I would love to see profiles, for example. It would be awesome to be able to have an “At work” profile that turns off certain notifications but leaves other important ones on. Or maybe program them by time.

This feature is still in its testing phases, so we will definitely see more. Until then, enjoy your new notification settings if you use Chrome Canary. If you don’t you can download it and check it out. Just remember this is not a stable version of Chrome and you will see more bugs and discrepancies.