How Google handles police investigations and warrants

Your information is pretty secure in Google’s servers, and the Search Giant likes it that way. Every now and then they have to work with police investigations, though. They can’t just hand over the information. There is a process to it, and Google has put a video together to explain it in a simple, friendly manner.

Of course, Google needs a warrant and some help from authorities to make the process simple, and as private as possible. In many ways, it seems Google is worried about our privacy even when they have to break it.

It is interesting that Google will try to only hand over the information that is relevant to the case. It makes sense; not only is a lot of data stored on Google (making the process harder), but it’s not fair to the user for Google to hand over ALL the data they have.

We just wanted to share the video and get your opinion. What do you guys think about the way Google handles your information when having to work with authorities? I happen to like the way they have portrayed it in this video, but who knows. It may not always work out the ideal way.