How hot does the HP Chromebook 11 charger get?


The HP Chromebook 11 really made a great impression upon announcement with a nice price, good looks and nice specs. All hopes we had for it went down the drain soon, though. Something happened, and suddenly all units were taken off the market. It was a disaster.

Current users were later advised to find another microUSB charger for their laptops. Google and HP still haven’t said much about the subject, but we are assuming the problem was related to the charger’s overheating issues.

Just how hot was that charger getting, though?


According to Consumer Reports, tests proved that the charger could get as hot as 140 degrees Fahrenheit. That is mighty hot, guys! The source also spoke with John Drengenberg from Underwriters Laboratories and he mentions his threshold of pain is at about 131 degrees fahrenheit. After that, he can no longer keep his fingers on the device.

Now, does this mean the charger is dangerous? Not exactly. You may get a little pain if you touch the charger, but a device’s heat limit depends on multiple factors, including what materials were used to build the charger. He is not sure if there is a risk of fire, explosion, or anything of the like.

What can you do for now?

There is not much you can do other than wait and keep using another microUSB charger. A charger replacement recently showed up at the Google Play Store, but it can’t be purchased yet.

This is a bit upsetting for current users, as most smartphone and tablet chargers are not strong enough to charge the HP Chromebook 11 without hassles. The laptop requires a 3.0 V microUSB charger to charge effortlessly. A 2.0 V charger will charge it, but not while the computer is in use. Bummer.