Here is 6 minutes of offscreen footage of Doom running on Switch

With the announcement of the 2016 reboot of Doom making its way onto the Switch in time for this holiday season, Bethesda seems to be completely onboard for the long haul.

Much speculation has been running in regards to the quality of the port — which we now know is handled by a third party developer and not Bethesda.

It has been confirmed that Doom on the Switch is running at 30 FPS but most who have gotten to get hands-on with the demo at the Bethesda press event have walked away fairly impressed despite that minor drawback.

With so many third parties coming out in support of Nintendo’s latest console the future is starting to look very optimistic as opposed to what we saw with the Wii U. The fact that Bethesda is taking the time to compress this title down to get it out on the Switch is sure to open the minds and doors for other major third parties to follow suit.

Here is 6 minutes of offscreen footage for your viewing pleasure! Enjoy!