Heart Forth, Alicia hits Wii U stretch goal on Kickstarter, only 34 hours to hit 3DS goal

It looks like an interesting new Kickstarter game has just been given the green light for launch on the Wii U. It’s called “Heart Forth, Alicia,” a classic-style RPG that should hit home for those of you who still “heart” 8-bit gaming. The story follows a young wizard girl whose homeland is about to be consumed by an evil spirit. All the makings of your typical dreamy fairy-tale, no doubt.

With just over $200,000 in funds pledged with 34 hours to go in the campaign, this game is definitely set to come to Wii U. It has been approved by Nintendo for a 3DS launch as well, but the developers will only shoot for that to happen if the Kickstarter can reach $245,000 in funds.

heart forth alicia gif

Wii U owners — rejoice! Meanwhile, you 3DS folks have a bit of money to throw around if you ever want it to see the light of day on the handheld. Head to Kickstarter to pledge your funds if you’re interested. Be sure to take a gander at the promo video above, and head to the source link for all the juicy details on what could turn out to be a very memorable RPG experience.