HBO says they are “actively exploring supporting Chromecast”


HBO subscribers have been jumping and skipping over the rumor that HBO support may soon come to the Chromecast. The $35 dongle would make it very easy to enjoy shows like True Blood and Game of Thrones in the big screen, but just how accurate are these rumors?

chromecastWell, we now have a statement straight from HBO. Home Box Office states that they are “actively exploring supporting Chromecast as another way for our subscribers to enjoy HBO Go.” They go on to mention that they can’t disclose any specific plans regarding timing, though.

In short, they are saying they are not making any promises. Recent rumors prove they have been testing the Chromecast, though. I am willing to bet it is only a matter of time before we see HBO Go supporting the Chromecast.

I have an HBO subscription, so I will definitely be keeping an eye and ear open for more news on this! How many of you are HBO Go users?