Happy Valentine’s day! Here are some treats from Google


Valentine’s Day is here again! The day when love and friendships are cherished and restaurants are packed with with endless lines. We know a busy day is coming, so we wanted to reach out and wish you a happy Valentine’s Day.

Go enjoy it, and I don’t mean to buy into the whole business say of “VDay”. Just spend a good day with your loved ones and try to keep doing that every other day for the rest of the year. If you are single, own it too. Go hang out with your friends! Whatever your situation is, just make sure you enjoy the day.

We would like to extend the message and let you know we love you! Thanks for all the support, we feel very grateful. With that said, we should also share some of the Valentine’s treats Google has for you! Here they are.

Google Doodle for Valentine’s Day


Today’s Google Doodle is very cute. I came across it this morning after waking up and I have to say it really did melt my heart a bit. Just go to Google.com and the letters in “Google” will turn into Sweethearts (those heart-shaped candies).

These candies will have words that concisely describe the story behind it. Just click on one of the candies and you will be told a love story. All of these are said to be real and seem to be told by those who experienced them. Regardless of the facts behind it, it’s very sweet and might inspire you to have an even lovelier day!

Google+ is making hearts rain on your kissing photos

Those of you who have been using Google+ probably know about Auto Awesome. This feature takes your images and automatically makes them more… awesome. For example, if you have multiple images taken right after the other, Google will turn them into a GIF-like active photo.

During the Christmas holidays, Auto-Awesome was also able to recognize which pictures had snow in them and it would make images show snow falling. Today’s treat is very sweet – Google is making hearts rain on your Valentine’s day pictures! Not just any pictures, though, it has to be a photo of people kissing.

Not sure how Google determines which are and aren’t kissing photos, automatically. It seems to work, though! Here’s an example.


Dedicate cute videos to your loved ones

Google also partnered with Disney to release Blank: A Vinylmation Love Story. This service allows you to dedicate and send cute videos to your loved one. These are all about how we are born “blank”, but love gives us color.

You can see the example below and download the app or access the site for more details. Keep in mind this can only be watched via Google’s services.