Hammerhead Bridge glitch fixed in Splatoon update [VIDEO]

With the most recent update to Splatoon, Nintendo has been systematically fixing small holes in its map design that some unscrupulous players have been exploiting to get places they shouldn’t be in maps. The first glitch we were aware of that was fixed is the glitch on Arowana Mall, which allowed some players to jump through a grate on top of a palm tree and surprise unsuspecting Inklings.

This second glitch that we know has been removed was on the Hammerhead Bridge map. The glitch allowed players to jump at a specific angle to get below the bridge, so they could traverse some sections of the map without the worry of being splatted immediately. Now the glitch has been removed so that anyone attempting it will fall to their deaths correctly.

It’s nice to see Nintendo continuing to update the game and take care of any glitches and exploits that people find. What do you think? Have you encountered anyone using unscrupulous tactics in online games of Splatoon?