HAL Laboratory worked directly on the Nintendo Switch

While you may know HAL Laboratory as the developer of cute Kirby games and the studio that former president Satoru Iwata worked for before becoming the president of Nintendo, it seems as though the studio worked directly on the Nintendo Switch in order to help flesh out some of the more important parts of the operating system.

A new report says that HAL worked directly on the web browser component of the Switch, which is hidden from consumer use for now. The studio worked on the Mii library, game development environments, and game development tools for the Nintendo Switch. Some of the components of the web browser include connecting a Switch to a Nintendo account, posting screenshots to social media, and even the eShop itself.

The Nintendo Switch eShop is such a pleasure to use compared to the eShops that were available on the Nintendo Wii U and the Nintendo 3DS, so I suppose we have the guys at HAL Laboratory to thank for that.

[via NE]

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