Guacamelee: Super Turbo Championship Edition coming to Wii U


Developer DrinkBox has announced a new version of their unique platform beat ’em up called Guacamelee: Super Turbo Championship Edition and they’re bringing it to the Wii U. In addition to previously available platforms, this new edition of Guacamelee will be launching on the Wii U, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Xbox 360. Currently no details about this new edition have been released, so we’ll keep you updated.


If you’re unfamiliar with Guacamelee, it’s a platformer with puzzle aspects about a luchador who travels between the living and dead worlds in order to rescue his town from a catastophe that occurs during the Dia de los Muertos celebration. The combat in the game features several combos with skills that are collected through world exploration, with combos being necessary in order to defeat the numerous bosses that block your path. Check out this trailer for more.