Great Game Deals: Darksiders 2 for $10 and more


This week is pretty light in terms of games that are releasing, so perhaps you’re in the market for a good game deal? Well then look no further, as we have a few on offer that could get you to open your wallet. First up is a GoHastings deal for Darksiders 2 at only $10, as well as several other games, including:

Groupon Deals


Groupon has several deals on accessories for the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One, but they’re pretty slim on Wii U deals at the moment. The Pro Commander controller is probably the best deal and there’s free shipping for any order over $25, so if you buy two you get your shipping for free.

Amazon Deals

Amazon frequently has deals on Wii U games thanks to low sales of these games. If you want to add one of these to your collection, Amazon is often the best place to shop since they’re discounted frequently to try and get rid of stock. All four of these are excellent games and worth adding to your collection if you enjoy the genre of game they fall into. Remember, Amazon is also having a big sale on external hard drives right now, making the perfect time to pick up a new drive for your Wii U.