Google’s new Chrome commercial hits a soft spot

Google has been doing a great job with its ad campaign “The web is what you make of it,” with commercials that display Chrome’s capabilities in a real-world scenario. But there is more to these ad campaign, right? These commercials don’t only show us what the web is capable of, they integrate an emotional factor.

These commercials are meant to be very touching, by showcasing Chrome’s ability to support the community and keep us connected. Google’s new ad is a perfect example of such, displaying all the special moments and feelings of starting college away from home. Unlike us, though, current students can use a plethora of new tools to help them stay in touch with loved ones. Google Talk, Google+, Hangouts and email are just the beginning of the list.

I have to say this is one of my favorite ad campaigns, and in a way it reminds me of Apple’s commercials. Technology is meant to improve our communication and potential; it seems Google has found a great way to blend technology and emotions in these videos. Apple had a huge advantage over the competition in this sense, and it is great to see Google stepping. Especially since the Search Giant is not exactly copying Apple, these videos are similar, but continue to be unique and very “Google-esque.”

Without further ado, here is Chrome’s newest commercial: