Google’s 2011 Super Bowl Ad Promotes Chrome? [VIDEO]

You might remember that last year, Google launched their first ever Super Bowl Ad called Parisian Love. Many experts were surprised that they chose to advertise their search engine, which is already ubiquitous, rather than their rapidly growing Android Mobile OS. Here we are a week away from the Super Bowl thinking, “What will Google Do This Year?”

I was picking through YouTube and check out this ad I just found:

I’d like to make a few comments:

  1. That’s ridiculously awesome
  2. I’m still surprised they aren’t advertising Android

If you didn’t fully get the awesomeness of the ad the first time around… watch it again. And again and again. I love it.

What do you think: is this Google’s 2011 Super Bowl Ad? Do you like it? Is it effective in promoting Chrome?