Google Winter Wonderlab: experience Google’s products while you have some good holiday fun!


I have to say Google is doing a great job at making its products better-known, lately. Chromebooks and Chromecasts are available for demoing at stores like Best Buy, and they are even building a ship for showcasing new technology. We certainly need more in-person exposure, though. The Google Winter Wonderlab is a great idea that will let customers test Google devices in a fun, holiday-filled manner.

What is the Google Winter Wonderlab

The Google Winter Wonderlab is one of Google’s attempts to allow customers to experience Google products first-hand. As you can tell, “Winter Wonderlab” is a play-on-words that relates to the socially-popular Winter Wonderland Christmas song. As expected, these locations are holiday-themed with both recreational and educational purposes.

Playing with tablets, Chromecast and Chromebooks is only part of the fun in this “magical” Wonderlab. You can also step into “The Snow Globe”, where there will be fake snow and slow-motion cameras to capture your jolly moments. You get to keep these slow motion videos and share them, of course.

Where can I find Gogole’s Winter Wonderlabs?

There are 6 locations throughout the USA. Here’s where you can find them:

  • New York City – Bryant Park
  • Washington DC – Westfield Annapolis
  • Chicago – Westfield Fox Valley
  • Los Angeles – Westfield Topanga
  • New Jersey – Westfield Garden State Plaza
  • Sacramento – Westfield Galleria
  • Go have fun!

    I am thinking of checking out the one in LA as soon as I go up there. If you live near one of the Google Winter Wonderlabs, I say it is worth at least a quick stop! Go to the Winter Wonderlab site for more details on the experience, as well as locations.