Google dropped the ball on us this Friday with one of the coolest things any Google or Chrome nerd would ever want – Incognito sunglasses. The Search Giant was giving these away, so we were not surprised to see them go out of stock in a bit over 5 minutes.

Those who are not very enthusiastic about Chrome may not know what these glasses are all about. Incognito Mode is Chrome’s way of allowing you to surf the web privately, without any content being saved in your computer. You can use it for accessing your bank account with more peace of mind, or for not leaving anything behind when using a public computer (Do I even need to mention private NSFW sweetness?). Those are just some examples, but Chrome enthusiasts have grown to love the feature.

These Incognito glasses don’t do any of that (unless Google really had something up its sleeve), but it is a great way to “stay stealthy all year-round.” Surely, most Chrome users will recognize the Incognito logo; they have to be quite the conversation-starters among fellow nerds.

This was some kind of a halloween giveaway, but I have been checking the site often to see if Google makes them available again. Halloween is today, so I assume it won’t be happening for a while. We will keep an eye open and let you know if anything changes, though! For now, all that’s left is having to conform with non-stealthy shades until more become available. Make it happen, Google!

[via Google Chrome (Google+)]