Google vs Apple: Apple yanks Google Voice Apps From Store

Apple has rejected Google Voice Apps from the App Store. Not only that, they have also removed other Google Voice-related apps that they had previously condoned. Now all of this is rather obvious…

Apple are saying they yanked the Voice apps from the store because they “duplicated” features the Iphone comes with, but wouldn´t specify which features.

That´s probably because it has nothing to do with any duplicated features, but a threat to their profits.  Apple relies on carriers to pay them lots of money and those carriers are none too pleased with the new Google Voice app.

Imagine if people didn´t need overpriced carriers and could simply text for free or almost free, get a low fee on long-distance calls, access google search via their phones, where would it all go? Anarchy!

And we could switch carriers easily, without the whole “Can I keep my own phone number, please, or do I have to text everyone I´ve ever met my new number? Again?”-rigmarole. (yeah, emailing those numbers around never works, cause people are too lazy. You have to text everyone you know your new number and even then there´ll be confusion.)

Keeping the same Google Voice number for the rest of your life would be wonderful. A wonderfulness that Apple is trying to put a stop to, while trying to pass the buck to AT&T. So every time you pick up your prrrretty, overpriced little Iphone to text your mum, remember this: you are paying for something that could be free.