Voice Search now available from Google… kind of

Turns out the Chrome version 27 update didn’t only bring 5% improved browsing speeds. The update also enables a very cool feature Google announced at IO last week. Have you been itching to search Google via voice? Because Google.com’s conversational voice search is now enabled, but it’s not perfect yet.


It seems like the feature is not completely rolled out right now. For example, we weren’t able to activate voice search by saying “OK, Google”. We can access the feature by pressing the microphone button next to the search bar, though. From there you can ask any question and Google will search it, and it does a good job at that. But voice search on Google is not quite “conversational” yet.

We can’t ask a second question right after getting the first question’s results. We have to press the microphone icon again. To make matters a bit more disappointing, I have also been getting a message that says I am not connected to the internet, when clearly I am.

You can be sure Google is working on this service as we speak, so so stay put and wait until full functionality arrives. For now, you can get your update (if you haven’t yet) and go ahead and check out the new voice search feature at Google.com!