Google’s conversational Voice Search may be coming very soon!


Google IO had a bunch of awesome news, but Chrome fans were especially excited about Google’s new conversational Voice Search. It’s a feature that allows you to ask Google a question. Much like the Moto X, Chrome would be always listening. Just say “OK, Google” and you can search away. You can learn more about it in our announcement post, and soon you might be able to test it yourself!

Googler François Beaufort has discovered that the product might be closer to launch than we expected. The Google Hotword Extension would allow Chrome to support such feature. This extension has just been granted the “audioCapture” permission, making it ready for Google Voice Search’s main features.

I am quite excited to test this Google Now-like feature. Voice is our most natural way of communicating so anyone who did this right would hit the jackpot. Let’s go, Google!

[Chromium via François Beaufort]