Google Voice coming to Hangouts, no support for now


Google Hangouts is awesome. I must say I am loving the concept and execution, but that doesn’t mean the service is perfect yet. My biggest gripe about it is that it breaks Google Voice calling support from Gmail. Google is now working on it, though, and they go as far as stating Google Hangouts is the future of Google Voice.

Googler Nikhyl Singhal addresses the issue goes into detail about the issue, making note that you may not be able to place calls via Gmail (desktop version) but you can still receive them. He goes on to mention that Google Hangouts “is the future of Google Voice” and upcoming versions of the service will work more seamlessly. We will have to do without voice calls from Gmail for now, but an update should be coming soon!

In short, it looks like Google is making huge plans for Hangouts. It seems to me like it won’t just be a unified Google messaging service, but also a unified messaging service over all. It is said to incorporate text messages, as well. You might not need any other messaging apps in the near future!