Google building new system to get rid of child pornography across the web

google_goodIf there is something Google fans can be proud of, it’s the Search Giant’s will to improve the world in general. The web is very powerful and it can be used wrongfully. Today we are learning that Google is taking on one of the biggest problems online – child pornography.

Google has told The Telegraph that it is working on a new system that will wipe out child pornography from the internet. The system will function by sharing information from images which have been previously identified as illegal. Google states that these images will be “blocked and reported” after being identified.

Other search engines, law enforcement agencies and tech companies will be able to access this information and identify such images all at once. So far, authorities have been working on them in an individual basis, so you can imagine how time consuming and hard it currently is to control this problem.

As you can see, Google is a huge supporter of this cause. The Search Giant has been blamed of earning money out of immoral content (because they earn from ad revenue), so it’s good to see them stepping up and making a difference.

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