Google Streamlines Chrome OS Interface to Look Much Better

One of the many complaints lodged at the original launch of Chrome OS was that it looked too much like Chrome the browser. Of course, that’s the point since the operating system is designed to be used entirely online with minimal offline function, but it seems Google has taken notice of these complaints and has revamped Chrome OS to look more like a traditional operating system.

The most telling new feature is that you can have multiple windows open, with each of these new windows supporting multiple tabs. A bottom bar that looks like a hybrid of Windows 7 and Mac OS X has been added as well, presumably to better keep track of the Google apps that you use.

Obviously Google made these changes to appeal to users who feel a computer should look and feel a certain way, but how to do you feel about the changes? I prefer them, since using multiple windows has always been part of my internet repertoire.

[via CNET]