Google bringing faster, free WiFi to all Starbucks


Starbucks is probably the most popular coffee shop in the country (maybe the world), so why not pair it with the biggest internet sensation? Google has decided to bring free WiFi to all all 7,000 company-managed Starbucks in the US.

You will also be happy to learn this partnership will make your visits to Starbucks more than “googly”. The Search Giant is not bringing you some crappy internet. Google states that the new internet speeds will be 10x faster. You can also expect to see 100x faster speeds if you live in a Google Fiber area.

Google will start working with Starbucks this August, 2013 and all stores should be covered in the following 18 months. I have a Starbucks just a couple of blocks away from my house, so you can expect to see me there testing those awesome speeds! Hey, maybe I could work from there!

I definitely remember searching for free WiFi hotspots when I was a broke college student and sometimes couldn’t pay my internet bill. I am sure the free, faster internet will be a life-saver for many of you.