Google reminds sites they will be punished for deceiving users

It’s safe to say that Google controls a huge part of the internet. It’s rules affect the world wide web and sites must abide by its rules to be successful. Some bad apples have been going nuts deceiving readers, though. An action Google does not approve of and is reminding web developers that they will be punished for.

Google states there has been a recent influx of complaints about a specific “deceptive technique”. Some websites have been inserting websites to users’ web history. When users hit the back button they run into a whole new page they never visited, which looks like a search result but is actually a page full of ads.


Google is reminding developers that they still stand by the guidelines they created over 12 years ago. Users who continue doing manipulating users this way will be punished, and it may include the removal of the site altogether (from the search results).

It is interesting to see how tricky web developers have become. The internet has created a whole industry and income source and, like anything else, people will find a way to abuse it. Which is sad because it hurts the experience of the user, who can also benefit from great content.

I have personally never ran into anything like this, but let us know if you have.