Google Reader scheduled to shut down – let’s try and keep it alive by signing this petition


Google dropped the bomb on us last night when they announced that Google Reader was to be shut down by July 1st. Many Chrome users are avid users of the RSS service, making it hard to understand that the numbers are going down. In our circle, it just seems like everyone is using Google Reader, but we suppose they are the ones seeing the numbers.

Needless to say it has been very sad to realize this is to take place. I still can’t really wrap it around my head. Working in this industry, Google Reader plays a huge role in my daily routine. It is also my go-to RSS reader for my personal reading, as I am sure it is for many of you. This is why we should at least try to save it.

We know these petitions don’t always succeed in making a change, but it is the best way to get our voices heard and possibly open Google’s eyes. Come support and sign the petition!

Just out of curiosity, though – how many of you use Google Reader?

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