Google can predict a movie’s success or failure


Google is, by far, this generations biggest resource. Not only will Google find any information, but it is so widely use that they can also get a lot of information from our usage. The company keeps track of all our searches, clicks and web behavior. Google doesn’t need surveys if it knows what to… search for.

This information is so powerful that Google says they have figured out how to use their data to predict how successful a movie will be. Throw in some equations, grab the data and Google can tell you how many tickets a movie will sell in a weekend, with above 90% accuracy.

Google uses stats from Google searches, YouTube trailer searches and other information from their many services. Finding the right factors and connections, we can really find information about anything. It really has become so widely spread that we can start considering it a reliable source, and they have what it takes to back that up.

You can go ahead and read more about this at Google’s site. Check it out and let us know what similar projects you would like Google to take on! I would like to see trying to predict how well any upcoming Chromebook will do.