Google+ team “sharing a few updates” tomorrow


The Google+ team has suddenly scheduled an event for tomorrow. There is nothing telling us what exactly it is about, but we know there will be a strong focus on Google’s social network. The description mentions the team will share some updates on Google+. The event will be broadcasted live, so you might want to make some time for it!

Google is going through some substantial transitions right now. We have the rumored Nexus 5 just waiting to be announced. Rumors also include a new Nexus 10 and the KitKat release. All of these exciting new devices must have a lot of you hoping we will see something else in this Google+ event.


We really doubt Google would announce its other products and services at this event, but we are also excited to see what they have in store for Google+. You can RSVP at the event’s Google+ page. It is scheduled for October 29th at 9:30 AM Pacific.

If you can’t watch the live stream, you can aways stay tuned to! You can be sure we will be covering all there is to know about this event.

What do you think we will see?