Google Play Music All Access coming to iOS


I am a Google fan at the core, but as a tech enthusiast I also like venturing to other platforms. I do own a few Apple products and I must say the most annoying thing about them is not being able to access Google Play Music on them (unless I want to use the browser). Other iOS users will understand my frustration, and will be happy to learn that Google is finally getting close to bringing its cloud music service to Apple’s mobile OS.

In an interview at the D11 conference, Android’s Sundar Pichai confirmed that Google Play Music All Access will be accessible via iOS “in a few weeks”. It’s exciting to see the subscription based music streaming service coming to iOS, but more exciting is what accompanies it. Bringing All Access to iOS also means Google will be offering an official Google Play Music app.

Google Music users simply want to access the music they already have in the cloud. We have been begging for an iOS app and now we are finally getting it. Now we just have to play the waiting game for a bit more and we will be set! Will you be using Google Play Music on your iOS device?

[via: iSource]