Google Now rolling out to all desktop Chrome users starting today


Google Now has been on its way to Chrome for a while now. It has shown up in Chrome Beta, Dev and Canary channels in the past, but Google is ready to take it to the next level. Google Now is ready to hit stable channel.

Starting today, Google Now cards will be showing up on your Chrome browsers for desktop and laptop. The update process will last a “few weeks”, so it should take a while for many of us to see the update.

I have seen many questions about how Google Now will work on the Chrome browser, so I wanted to answer some of them now that Google has cleared out some of our doubts.


How to activate Google Now

Google Now cards will show up in your notifications as long as you sign into Chrome with the same account you use on your smartphone or tablet.

Where do Google Now cards show up?

Google Now cards will appear in the notifications, which you can see by pressing the bell icon located in the bottom (top for Mac) bar of your computer.


How does Google Now for desktop know your location?

In a way, Google Now for desktop will simply pull off information from your smartphone or tablet. It simply uses your device’s location to figure out where you are, not your computer’s.

Can I disable Google Now cards on Chrome for desktop?

Yes. All you need to do is click on the notification bell, access settings and uncheck the Google Now option. If you want to simply turn off location settings, that can be done from your smartphone.

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